Bed Mattress Topper "Sahara" (79x87 in)

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"Sahara" quilted mattress topper with natural filler made of camel wool is a great choice for a comfortable sleep and at the same time protect the mattress from contamination. Due to its unique natural properties of camel wool mattress topper "Sahara" provide not only comfort during sleep, but also have a therapeutic effect on your body. Relax and reduces your back pain.
Camel wool, being a natural antiseptic and antistatic, not electrolysis, removes static electricity, repels dust and protects against dust mites - saprophytes.
Mattress topper "Sahara" is very light, strong, well-ventilated and hypoallergenic. Due to the property of camel's hair quickly absorb the excess moisture and evaporate it, woolen mattress topper "Sahara" creates a warm and dry climate. There are special bands that securely hold the mattress pad on the bed. Mattress topper "Sahara" will help you quickly recover from a long day.

  • Quilted
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine wash


Color: Cream

Cover: 100% Cotton

Filler: Camel wool, Polyester


Made in Russia

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