Comforter "Linen" (55x81 in)

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Linen - a unique material that has the ability to regulate the temperature balance due to its natural properties. In the hot season linen cools and works as a natural "air conditioner", and in the cold season - warm as wool. These qualities allow the person to feel completely comfortable in any season.

Translated from the Latin Línum means "most useful" and has always been highly valued for its medicinal properties. Linen seed contains two major components: Lignan and Omega-3, which possess anti-cancer effects, as well as help to reduce cholesterol levels. Also, omega-3 called natural elixir of youth.

Useful properties of linen are used in cardiovascular, cancer, gastrointestinal, inflammatory diseases, improve skin and hair condition.

Comforters «Linen» of linen fiber filler create a favorable microclimate, keeping the temperature needed to maintain a restful sleep. They do not require complex care, easy to wash and maintain a beautiful appearance for a long time.

  • Filler weight 200g/m2
  • Quilted
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine wash


Color: Light Gray

Cover: Semi-linen

Filler: Linen fiber


Made in Russia

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