Kids’ Comforter "Lavender Relax" (55x41 in)

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"Lavender Relax"– is an innovative collection of children's comforters filled with dried lavender flowers and higly siliconozed polyester microfibre. The unique natural properties of lavender - is primarily a relaxing and calming effect that helps the body recover quickly. In combination with natural cotton fabrics, which are made of covers, kid's comforters collection "Lavander Relax" is completely hypoallergenic. Light, soft, airy, with excellent thermoregulation and do not require complex care.

Kid's Comforters "Lavender Relax" make sleep your baby comfortable and quiet throughout the night.

Color: White

Cover: 100% Cotton

Filler: Nonwoven fabric “Holfit-plast”, Lavender flowers


Made in Russia

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