Kids' Pillow "Swan's Down" (16x24 in)

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A collection of baby natural"Swan's Down" pillows filled with artificial swan down, made on modern technologies and meets all child health and safety requirements.
Modern analogue of natural swan's down, from a superfine microfiber twisted highly siliconized and its quality characteristics is fully consistent with natural swan fluff. Baby Pillow collection of "Swan's Down" completely hypoallergenic and do not allow dust mites - saprophytes. Perfectly absorb excess moisture and it quickly evaporated, remaining dry throughout the night.

Do not deform easily, wont erase in the washing machine on the "delicate wash" mode.
Elastic, soft baby "Swan's Down" pillow will help to make your baby rest deep and comfortable sleep all night.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine wash


Color: Blue

Cover: 100% Cotton

Filler: Artificial Swansdown


Made in Russia

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