Pillow "Lavender Eco" (20x27 in)

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Pillows "Lavender Eco" - an innovative collection of pillows filled with dried lavender flowers and higly siliconized polyester microfibre. Useful things of lavender - is primarily a relaxing effect, which is so necessary after a long day.

With pillows collection "Lavender Eco" you will forget what insomnia and headache is. Light, airy, with excellent thermoregulation and do not require complex care pillow "Lavender Eco" - the best choice for those who want to quickly and easily restore their strength during sleep.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine wash


Color: Violet

Cover: Microfiber

Filler: Nonwoven fabric “Holfit-plast”, Lavender flowers, Artificial Swan's Down


Made in Russia

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