Hanging Closet Organizer for shoes and trifles "Provance"

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Size: 8.6"x11.8"x47.2"


With this storage box you get six extra shelves for storing shoes or clothes.

To install, it is not necessary to remove the bar from the closet, it is attached with wide Velcro loops.

The top and bottom of the storage box have reinforced rigid inserts, thereby the hanging shelves keep their shape and do not sag under the weight of clothes and shoes.

These hanging fabric shelves are handy to take with you on trips, because when folded they take up very little space, and you can place the contetns of a suitcase in the six shelves.

Please note that on this model, the doors that cover the shelves are made of transparent polyethylene and fastened with a zipper.


Why do we recommend this product:

  • Allows to adittional organization in a closet, where you want it.
  • It is convenient on personal and business trips.


Made in Russia

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