Hanging Storage Bag with 10 pockets "Evening in Paris"

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Size: 21.6"x21.6" (3 opaque and 7 transparent pockets)


Fastening: it is the only organizer in the market which is equiped with two types of fastenings. You can throw it through any bar, a pipe, a bed crossbeam, etc., using reliable Velcro.

And also it provides mounting hole, whereby the organizer can be hung on hooks.

Why do we recommend this product:

It can be used in the bathroom. Organiser pockets have different depths and sizes. In the lower part it easily fits such things like curling iron, hair dryer, large combs. The small pockets easily accommodate any jars, vials, cotton swabs, etc.

Also, the organizer is perfect for bedside storage of children's clothes. It is easily mounted on a cothanger. All needed everyday things will always be at hand: diapers, cotton swabs, creams, handkerchiefs, napkins, etc.


Material: Spunbodn, PVC

Made in Russia

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