Hanging Storage Bag with 10 pockets "Tweet"

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Size: 21.6"x21.6" (3 opaque and 7 transparent pockets)


The greatest advantage of these organizers is that they can be hung on any horizontal bar. They are fixed using three wide straps with Velcro. They essentially save space on shelves and in closets, and allows to solve the problem of storing any set of items.

And what if there is no bar? Do not worry, hang them on hooks with the small tabs at the corners of the organizer.


Where might hanging pockets come in handy?

  1. If you have little baby - hang the organizer on the bed, so that you can put rattles, wipes, cream andhygiene products in there. All of which will always be at hand.
  2. If your child is already grown - hang the organizer in the work area close to ​​their desk, where they play and learn. Store scissors, erasers, pencil sets, and felt-tip pens.
  3. This is an excellent organizer for a play area, since it accommodates small cars, dolls, boxes with puzzles and other small toys.
  4. In the bathroom, the storage pockets can be used to organize baby washcloths, combs, toothbrush, Q-tips and disks, toys for swimming.

The organizer has 10 pockets, 4 of which are made of transparent plastic, which can be very convenient.

Hanging pockets from the “Tweet” series are completely made out of thick spunbond.

The organizer from the series “Sunny Jungle” has an outer side made of eco-friendly linen.


This hanging storage bag is hygienic and washable. Made of safe materials.

Made in Russia

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