Set of 2 drawer organizers "Peppermint mood"

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Size: 1st organizer: 12.5"x12.5"x4.7"

7 long cells of 12.5"х1.8" in size


2nd organizer: 12.5"x12.5"x4.7"

20 square cells of 2.3"х2.3" in size, 1 long cell of 2.3"х12.5" in size.


Two organizer of breathable spunbond fabric.

The first organizer designed to hold seven bras or lingerie sets (suitable for any size), at the same time bras don't need to be folded, this is very important. Cups are never deformed.

The second organizer has 20 square cells for underwear or socks and one longitudinal slot for jersey or hygiene.

The zipper is sown at the bottom of the box; thanks to which you can set it up and put it away easily.


Why do we recommend this product:

  • Author's design is unique
  • Workmanship – the highest. Boxes does not lose its shape after washing, since its walls are reinforced plastic, cardboard and not, as in cheap analogues.
  • These organizers store clothes - the perfect gift.


Material: Spunbond,  PVC

Made in Russia

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