Set of 2 drawer organizers for children’s underwear "Tweet"

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Sizes: 1st organizer - 12.6"x12.6"x4.7"

7 long cells of 12.5"х1.8" in size


2nd organizer - 12.5"x12.5"x4.3"

20 square cells of 2.3"х2.3" in size, 1 long cell of 2.3"х12.5" in size.


Your baby will love vivid colors of these organizers. And the task of unfolding the linen in the cells can be turned into a fun game.

The set includes two organizers - the first one has 20 slots for small items (underwear, tights, socks) and one wide section.

The second one is for storing turtlenecks, warm tights, shirts in its 12 cells.

Each, even the smallest thing is clearly visable. Even Dad can easily find everything.

The sizes of a set allows it to be placed in any drawer or the shelves in the closet. Buy multiple sets and fully solve the problem of children's clothes storage.

Set organizers “Tweet” series is completely made of dense spunbond. The walls of boxes are reinforced with plastic and can be wiped with a damp soapy sponge if necessary.


The zipper is sown at the bottom of the box; thanks to which you can set it up and put it away easily.

Let kids from an early childhood get accustomed to the fact that order is beautiful.


Material: Linen, spunbond, PVC, felt

Made in Russia

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