Universal Fabric drawer Organizer "Carmen"

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Size: 12.5"x12.5"x4.7"


With a Universal Organizer for linen each sock will know where his workmate lies, bras will not be mixed and will not be crumpled, and knitted T-shirts will remain as it should be when you take out one of them of a cell.

5 rectangular and 10 square cells will make storage of bras, shorts, socks, undershirts convenient and pleasant.

This small container for underwear fits easily into any wardrobe or chest of drawers, and saves space in favor of other things The box is made of the dense breathing material and plastic that allows to wash it with soap water.

The zipper is sown at the bottom of the box; thanks to which you can set it up and put it away easily.


Why do we recommend this product:

  • Author's design is unique. They help set the mood.
  • The perfect gift for any holiday.


Material: Spunbond,  PVC

Made in Russia

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